Item: Stickers
Description: N/A
Released: ?
Code prize: KinzPost stickers (Cactus, Castle, Crown, Daisy, Flower Bunch, Knight, Shield, & Sunflower)
Amount per package: 2 sheets
UPC: 0661371248103
Product ID: WE000233

Four different sticker packs. These do not have official names. Note that each of their codes unlock the same prize, and also share UPCs + products IDs.
Green Sheet (Jungle Themed): Panda, Lion, Lioness, Kangaroo, Tiger, Silverback Gorilla, Cheeky Monkey, Grey Langur
Purple Sheet (Dog Themed): Pink and White Dog, Golden Retriever, Husky, Yorkie, American Cocker Spaniel, Bulldog, Black Lab
Blue Sheet (Zingoz Theme): Zingoz, Zacky, Simon Singoz, Burstos, Zangoz
Red Sheet (Farm Themed): Chicken, Duck, Lil'Kinz White Mouse, Skunk, Cow, Sheep, Floppy Pig, Lamb, Lil'Kinz Chickadee